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Social Advocacy Practice

Whether for boosting marketing, sales, communications or hiring new people, Social Advocacy allows all employees to connects, share, and author rich brand content to a specific, living and breathing person or groups, in order to drive more leads, help your salespeople start discussions on social media and inform prospects about your brand.

Social Selling


Today buyers are looking for information online and making comparisons to support their purchase decisions. By leveraging the power of Social selling, Social Advocacy provides an efficient means in building revenue-driving relationships, and maintain a top-of-mind brand awareness for prospect clients through answering questions, offering interesting content.

Social Advocacy also equipped with advanced social monitoring tools that help social sellers to make educated decisions on optimal sharing times and analyze what content resonates the best with their audience to maximize profit.


On average, employees have the potential to reach 10x more people than a company could on social media, just by sharing to their networks. Social Advocacy allows you to boost your existing marketing activity by empowering employees as brand advocates on social media.

Plus, employee-generated word-of-mouth communication has a substantial role in marketing, as it is perceived more credible and trustworthy compared to advertising and marketer-generated content.




Social Advocacy utilized a single interface to centralizes and drives traffic towards all internal communication channels, so your employees never miss a thing, ensuring a well-informed and engaged workforce.

Through the use of gamification, Social Advocacy allows user to launch campaigns, challenges and calls-to-action that draw attention to key company announcements, encourage content creation, and award advocates additional points for engaging. This ultimately helps to empower individuals into sharing their insights, ideas and experiences, or creating brand new, organic brand contents from scratch.

HR & Recruitment

There are a lot of potential candidates in your existing employees’ networks, and employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to capture top talent. That is why getting employees to share your employer and employee branding content and open positions online is invaluable.

Social Advocacy platform aggregates all recruitment communication, and organize it onto themed channels from which employees can share with their own social media connections.